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Ducted heating
Hillside Heating Cooling & Skylights
Gas Ducted Heating Installation & Repair

Ducted heating system that is installed in either the roof or under the floor, depending on how much space is available in either location. These systems use gas to generate heat that is distributed through the building.

Skylight Installation & Repair

Skylights can be positioned where required, in single and double storey buildings.

Natural lighting solutions including:

  • Standard square and rectangular skylights

  • Tubular skylights

  • Control-A-Light skylights

  • Roof windows (including fixed, opening and electrically operated models)

  • Roof ventilators (Whirly Birds)

  • Roof access hatches

  • Attic ladders

  • Repairs to all skylights – broken domes replaced, shafts replaced & minor roof repairs

Evaporative Cooling Installation & Repair

Evaporative Cooling is a ducted cooling system that is situated on top of your roof with ducts connecting to key rooms (if not all of them) in your home to distribute cool air.

Evaporative Cooling is the most common form of whole home air conditioning in Melbourne, because of it’s incredibly low running costs, it’s the cheapest form of ducted cooling, and you can leave your doors and windows open.

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